Business Investment

Every vehicle needs some fuel to sprint, so does your business. Get in touch with us, if we like your idea or business, we would love to help you in your journey.

AskMe caters to every form of business capital needs through our extremely powerful connect with the best Investors and VCs. All depends on your Business Idea.

StartUp Funding

There is an outburst of startup culture in the recent and we see thet some of the most valuable ideas are having a difficult time in raising funds. With AskMe, you are just a query away.

Venture Capital

If you have already made a space for yourself in the extremely comepetitive industry and looking for opportunities and support to expand, AskMe woule be a one stop solution for you and your venture.


It's not just about the money, but the experience that our experts bring along with them which is going to help you accelarate beyond boundaries.

You can avail our one of a kind CRM and ERP solutions by certified and the finest industry pratitioners to make your business reliable and credible.
Startup Funding, Financial Assistance, Venture Capital in UAE

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