Intellectual Property

Have a great idea? Patent it first and announce it later.

Your invention is unique and none other than you should get credit for it. A patent registration helps you to get a patent of an intellectual property right (IPR) to an invention carried out by an individual or firm.

Patent Procedure

The process to file a patent is lengthy and tiresome. Starting with application drafting to prior research to submitting government fees, it could take a while before you get patent. Hence let us take care of it for you.

Filling & Advisory

Our team has experts with unique understanding about the best IPR practices. We ensure that you get timely recommendations about usage of your rights, so that you won’t miss any opportunity.

Trademark registration

Trademark registration is essential for your brand and for ensuring that no one else can cash in under your brand name. We, with our team of experts, will make sure that you get your trademark hassle free.

If your idea is unique enough and you want to commercialize it, don’t be too late on that. Get that business up and running now. We will help you with the complete Formation of your company.
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